3 Reasons Why Porridge Is The Perfect Starter Breakfast & How to Prepare Overnight Oats

11 Feb, 2024

When it comes to cooking for ourselves it’s best to start with a simple recipe. Overnight porridge is just that sort of recipe. It needs limited preparation and batch preparing for the week ahead saves time in the morning when everyone is in a rush.

My daughter prepares hers ahead of time every Sunday. It’s a staple recipe in her repertoire and over time she has learned to do this completely independently and with flavors she likes best. Although I’m not sure she is as interested in the health benefits as I am.

3 Reasons Why Porridge Is So Perfect

  1. Porridge is healthy, rich in fiber, vitamin B, iron, and magnesium. The high fiber content means it is both filling and aids digestion.
  2. Porridge is quick, easy, and simple to prepare making it a perfect starter recipe for anyone with limited cooking experience. The process to make it needs only to be a few steps.
  3. Porridge is easy to make to your own taste simply by adding the flavors you enjoy. What you put into your porridge can change with the seasons or when your tastes change.

Let’s talk about how to make the porridge, and then what things you can add to it to make it even more tasty.

How To Batch Prepare Overnight Oats For The Week


½ Cup of Oats

½ Cup of Water

½ Cup of Milk (I use Plant based almond soy)

1 tbsp Raisins


  1. Put all the ingredients straight into a container with a plastic lid, mix then seal, and put into the refrigerator overnight.
  2. Next morning, take out the container from the fridge, loosen the lid, and microwave for 2 minutes.
  3. Once cooked, leave to stand for two minutes.
  4. We found the best option is to use use a glass dish with a plastic lid so you can eat it straight from the microwave when cooked, and then put it straight in the dishwasher afterwards.

Watch this YouTube video where I show you the method my daughter uses.

Add Your Own Flavor Combinations

We think the magic with porridge begins when you add your own ingredients, the things that you and your family really like.

Banana adds creaminess and lots of potassium, so their our first first addition of choice. It makes an already filling breakfast even more filling. And we like the extra richness and flavor it brings. In the summer we add fresh berries and grapes (seedless of course). During the festive season, we often add figs and dates and even some candied fruit.

And then the final thing to think about is how sweet to go. My daughter prefers raisins as a natural sweetener, but you can add honey, maple syrup, or any artificial sweetener.


Overnight porridge is quick, easy, and healthy, and is a useful starter recipe for anyone wanting to develop their skills and cook for themselves. This recipe was one of the first ones my daughter mastered and it remains one of her breakfast favorites. Cooking for herself is one of the skills she needs that form part of her daily living life plan.

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